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  • I checked them out and about $50 each. I had to google where Latvia was. Sadly I had just paid $500 for two SonicWall ones
  • Any recommendations? With a 5GB port on the firewall, if I can't pass that speed to a switch (for users) then I'm kinda paying for speed that can't be used. What Sonicwall switch will work here? Also I'm looking to add SonicPoints, ie 432i. It has a 2.5GB would I plug that in and get the 2.5GB speed? I…
  • Good deal. So for the switch, SWS14-24, I can use the one of the 10G SFP+, use a 10GBase-T copper RJ45 module and it will auto negotiate to 5Gb to firewall? My concern was everthing I've read was that unless it specifies that the port is multi-speed, multi-gig, 5-speed.....then the 10G ports are either 10G or 1G, nothing…
  • Thanks. Could you try it in Classic Mode? Network, then Zones.
  • No, have not used the .0.x subnet anywhere else, so no idea how it picked it. When I try the nativebridge mode it shuts down the port. And when I try to enable it it "warns" me do I really want to do that???? Looking through the manual what about the L2 Bridge mode?
  • I have DHCP set for - on X0. I was assuming since the X2-X7 were port shielded to X0 anything plugged into them would hit the X0 port and get assigned an IP in that range. However, that didn't work. Yes, when I plugged the laptop into X4 it got assigned Currently the X1 port feeds a…
  • I just tried this on my TZ370. I did the port shield on the X2-X7, all portshield to X0. I plugged a laptop into X4 and the IP came up in a different subnet, My network is the 192.168.1.x So another setting somewhere???
  • Thanks. I saw a discussion on using the PortShield, however the user said, while each could hit the WAN port fine, they were unable to see each other. So in your example above, X4 could not see X2 (ie X4 being a computer and X2 being a printer). He did not create anything special so everything was on the same subnet. The…
  • I have the exact same issue. A couple months ago I moved from the TZ400 to the TZ370 and my L2TP no longer connects; all the settings are the same. Both on the original and latest firmware. I opened a ticket 6 weeks ago and multiple techs verified everything over and over; they even created a new account so they could try…