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  • @BWC Oh, I see. In that case, we would still need to investigate further to determine why the Message Logs indicate the message was flagged by Capture, but is not appearing in the Capture ATP Logs. Thanks.
  • @BWC If your Capture ATP log has not updated since April 22, it sounds like there is a larger issue going on. I recommend opening a support case so we can dig further into what you're experiencing. Thanks.
  • Hi, @BWC . When adding new users, you can force the usermap.xml update by going to the Manage page and selecting Users, Groups, and Organizations > Users from the left menu then click the Refresh Users & Groups button. By design the usermap.xml file updates hourly and refreshing the list should prevent any DHA issues you…
  • Hi, Michael. Can you tell me how long you are waiting for the Capture ATP log to update? It can sometimes take up to 10 minutes for the log to catch up. Addtionally, is this an all-in-one or a split configuration? If split config, you could be experiencing replication slowness. Thanks, Jenn
  • There are a couple of things that could be causing this issue. If you are running Email Security in Split Config, it could be that the user list is not replicating to the RAs properly. It could also be that the user list is corrupted and will have to be rebuilt. If you're not receiving replication alerts or not using Split…