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  • @BWC Thanks for sharing. Not looking promising. Appreciate the help.
  • @BWC Unfortunately, I purchased one of the approved compatible SFPs and it still does not give me the option under Link Speed for 2.5. There also appears to be no link between the ISP and the SonicWall but that could be because the configuration is not allowing me to set it up properly.
  • @BWC I am hoping this is the issue. I found that chart yesterday as well and ordered a new SFP. Should have it today at some point. The NSA 2650 is in there. It's in the column with NSA 6650, 5650, 4650, 3650, 2650. @Ajishlal Hopefully this is it. The SFP I was using does support 2.5 GbE but was not on this list . Thank…