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  • Thank you for the reply. I have disabled all security services and tested no change. I am going to order a new SFP module today to test a new one in case this one is faulty. I originally purchased the 10GBASE-SR SFP+ module that was on the Sonicwall approved list. The ISP sent me a module for their equipment. I had the ISP…
  • Thank you for the reply. Turning off the TCP stream in GAV settings provides no change. We do not currently run DPI SSL at the current time.
  • @Saravanan1990_V @Nevyaditha One last question. Do you know why I do not have the option to enable Jumbo Frames in Firewall Settings--Advanced Settings? Thanks
  • @Saravanan1990_V @Nevyaditha Ok I figured it out. Under security settings I had "Maximum Security" set. Changing this to "Performance Optimized" allows the firewall to gain alot higher speeds. Now my question for you all is how much of a security risk is this to run the firewall in Performance Optimized mode vs. Maximum…
  • Hi @NEVYADITHA I did look at the comparison and I still need to have DPI and the security services turned on for protection of our very sensitive data. I am not sure I fully understand how the throughput numbers work in the comparison as it states different speeds for just 1 security service. If you have multiple security…
  • I thought that might be the case. This is a brand new cat6 internal network with brand new 1Gb switches.
  • Hey Saravanan, Thanks for this. Yes I have gone through both of those articles to no avail. Thanks
  • One thing I forgot to add is BWM is set to None.