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  • Hi, I assume your device already have the default routes and Access Control rules set up correctly because it worked before the ISP changes were doen. Now you only have to prevent the firewall doing NAT from the given interface to to WAN interface. See my NAT rule #10 for traffic coming on X0 interface (LAN) and destined…
    in Routing Query Comment by Istvan May 2021
  • Hi, You can give a try and create an exception for NetExtender under your given policy but the key to succeed is (as you already wrote) what permissions the user has. Regards, István
  • Hi @Connex_Ananth, hi [email protected] Indeed, Mobile Connect for Windows was dropped. I somehow missed that milestone most probably because it is still referenced in SMA 1000 v12.4 guide as a possible choice. Sorry for the confusion I made - I did learn something new again :-) On the other hand Mobile Connect is still the only…
  • Hi Pat, Without violating the license/contract terms you can't upgrade because you are entitled to update/upgrade firmware only when you have valid support contract. The version you are running have reached end of support on 2019-09-30 so I suppose you already saved huge amount of money ;-) Jokes aside, I suggest you to…
  • Hi, If you mean SonicWall KB articles there is nothing really relevant. You will find the answers in Intune documentation on Microsoft's site. You have to create Intune profiles, settings, include mandatory application to deploy on device enrollment, etc. etc. Mobile Connect is specifically mentioned under this subtopic:…
  • Well, it is like that. Maybe the chipset has some shortcomings. From the QSG: The SFP+ interfaces on SWS14 series Switches support only 10 and 1 Gb/s. NOTE: Auto-Negotiation for SFP/SFP+ ports is not currently supported. On the SWS14 Series, SFP+ ports can be manually set to 1 and 10 Gbps.
  • Hi Larry, When you acquire GMS/NSM the concept is NOT to manage the units from their own management interfaces but only use GMS/NSM. Exceptions and accidents happen but it is always the operators' responsibility to review the changes causing the out-of-snyc state and to decide which config is correct and instruct NSM to…
  • Hi, Without knowing the exact audit requirements and its purposes I suggest you to consider developing this on your own (one time development I guess) using the API available for SonicOS 6.5: Or, archive the firewall settings using the FTP backup option. You can write a script to decode the config file (Base64 to text) and…
  • Hi Larry, I've watched the 50 min SonicOS 7 GUI demonstration video yesterday and I think it really needs adjustments. I believe the palette design can be changed relatively easily. The flat design has very few element limiter lines which sometimes makes hard to hit the necessary part of the narrow but long elements. My…
  • Hi, Short answer: You don't need the second license that is fro Flow based operation. The product is called Analytics 2.5 however in terms of operation and licensing it has two separate ways: Syslog based or Flow based or you can deploy both using two separate Analytics instance. The one below is Syslog based Analytics…