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  • Is anyone managing SonicOS 7.1.1 via GMS 9.3? I'm managing numerous 7.1.1 devices via NSM and several 7.0.1 devices via SGMS 9.3. The 7.1.1 release notes state that to manage 7.1.1 devices via NSM then NSM needs to be V2.4 but the notes don't say anything regarding managing 7.1.1 devices via SGMS 9.3 so just wondering…
  • I ran into the same issue with IPSec VPN. The 'keep' alive' fails to keep the link up between TZ470s so if there is no traffic the link will drop. Currently using continuous pings to keep the link up until support can resolve this. Different VPNs between the 470s and 570 are OK.
  • Yes I get errors too. Converting TZ400 to TZ270 (using the sonicwall migration tool) and the security services signatures fail to upload either automatically or manually after the conversion. Converting TZ500 to TZ470 same issue as above and the DNS tests fail from 'Diagnostics>Check network settings' but the DNS IPs can…