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  • Sir we do not have access to cisco side. Fact of the matter is that any pc with DG =, application is working in above scenario. Only problem is that now we have to give internet access to all the pc in above scenario, and application is already working. But internet is only working when DG = And…
  • Sir sonicwall firewall is connected to cisco switch via X3. And Cisco switch is connected to cisco router and via router user are accessing linux based application. When default gateway of the PC in lan is than can access the application. But in this case in lan pc are not getting internet. When DG =…
  • Dear sir, I did not understand your point. sir if i make local pc deafault gateway as the IP of the ingress interface than only we are getting internet. But than we are not able to get app access untill we make default gateway of the pc as vlan ip of the core switch. And when we make pc default gateway as vlan ip of core…
  • Dear sir, We did as you ask above as :- Source: X5 subnets Destination: Any Service: Any Gateway: X1 Default Gateway Interface: X1 Metric: 10 core switch vlan1 = PC = DG =, PC connected to core switch vi access switch. We can access application through core switch connected to MPLS.…
  • Dear Sir, There is also many subnets of /26 terminating from branches to the same core switch. If I change the subnet mask to from for X5( will it ingress all the traffic through x5. and get internet through x1.
  • Dear Sir, If we add X5 an X7 subnets(NW) in a object group. And in source we select that object group it will be same as creating two route separately for x5 and x7. Thanks and best regards.
  • Dear sir, If we make x4 and x6 as LAN and L2 primary bridge mode to x5 and x7 respctively. Now how to confgure so that LAN x5 and x7 should get internet through x1. Right now x0 is getting internet through x1. Thanks and best regards.
  • Dear Sir, I am facing problem. TZ370W x6(WAN) and x4(WAN) are connected to two port of core switch and port are in L2. PC are in the internal LAN with two different network with separate switch. X6 and X4 are wan interface. X6 primary bridge L2 bridge with X7. X4 primary bridge L2 bridge with X5. two internal network are…
  • Dear Sir, Actually my question is if X! primary wan having two different network range of of IP say and, than can we do X3 and X4 transparent to X1. address object1 zone lan = - 254 in interface X3. And address object2 zone lan= - 254 in interface X4. Thanks and best regards.
  • Dear Sir, After creating two subnet say and for wan (x2). can we create range of to in transparent mode for x3. and range of to in transparent mode for x4. Thanks and regards,
  • Dear Madam, Actually old scenario is like :- Access switch are connected to the core switch and core switch connected to router. There is a VPN between core router to HO and application are hosted at HO. Branch office also getting internet from HO. Branch office there is two network, both network access switch are…
  • Dear Madam, Why is showing like :- Recommended for 11-25 User Network for TZ370 I am confused, we have 200 PC in our network, will this model will be sufficient or not. Or it is sufficient for only 25 PC in local network. Thanks and best regards.
    in TZ370 Comment by Ehsan February 2021