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  • I´m having the same issue on nearly all TZ firewalls. NSAs don´t seem to have this issue. Support could not fix it. They tried alle the typical "high load on core0" workarounds and we even did a RMA for one of our TZ470s. Also tried these "workarounds": On this page /sonicui/7/m/mgmt/settings/diag turn off the option…
  • We have the same issue after upgrading to 6-5-4-8-89n yesterday night on one of our customers NSA2650 Clusters. The VoIP provider confirmed that sip registration stopped working the second we installed the update. When we do a WAN failover, sip registration works but the customer cant hear the other side. Gonna open a case…
  • I´m aware of that and it is checked on both firewalls. Besides that "allow management" is checked on in and outgoing firewall rules on both sites (lan to vpn on the main site and vpn to lan on the firewall I want to access) and on the x0 interface of course. Is there something I forgot? Kind regards, Eric
  • I upgraded to the same firmware yesterday to see if this helps but I still have the same issue. We have a ANY ANY ANY rule in place from vpn to lan where I enabled management. Do you have a seperate policy for management?
  • We have alot of customers that do not use the HES and have no issue. If their DNS servers wouldnt update, wouldnt they have the same issue? Why would they update all entries but the sonicwall ones? This doesnt make sense to me.
  • We´re having the same issue with all our HES customers. I guess there´s nothing we can do but wait for the backend team to fix it..(as always with HES).