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  • Sorry, I am a novice at this device. I tried step 1. I went into the VPN policy configuration, but I can't find where I can add the wifi subnet configuration. Each time I try something I break the VPN tunnel.
  • Thanks again. Before I go screwing things up if I try #1 which seems like the most straight forward my main network is 192.168.2.x and the wifi is 192.168.1.x so no overlap. If I set this up through the VPN will I still not be able to access local devices like network printers on the 192.168.2.x network. FYI the remote…
  • Thanks for the reply Here is what I tried before I got your advice. I set up the X4 port to WLAN, cancelled the Sonicwall AP specific settings in the Zones tab. I set the IP address to static and plugged the Velop into port X4 and got on the internet traffic. Velop was set to DHCP. My other network is on…