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  • I found the route cause of the issue: ESET. So this is what I found. ESET had a known networks setting for IDS. The IP range was missing. ESET was not alerting that IDS was stopping the traffic. The second computer that was able to work, had a corruption in ESET that was not reporting backing to the server. I just disabled…
  • TKWITS, I tried your suggestion. Sorry to say it did not work. As another experiment, we tried the user credentials from the other user that worked on my laptop and same issue. So, we ruled out user rights/policy and returned to specific PC issue. Douglas
  • Michael, Your choice was the one I was excited about trying. I'm sure there is some little thing buried someplace that is causing it to fail. Getting one option to work got me past the immediate need so I can breathe a little. Will keep your offer in mind when I have a few minutes to try again. I really do appreciate the…
  • For all concerned, I experimented with both proposed solutions. BWC's solution I was not able to get it to work. I think there were some steps or parts I may have been missing and could not resolve. Saravanan's solution was interesting but I feared we did not have licensing. By chance, we had two that were not being used…
  • Chris, Sorry - Been out on Medical and just got back yesterday. I didn't see the alerts for the other responses until your comment prompted a look. I want to try BWC's suggestion this week. We don't have GVC currently(Saravanan's comment) and I don't know what kind of Rabbit hole I would go down to see if we want the…
  • if I understand correctly, the SSLVPN doesn't allow for a static assignment but you basically created a rule that pigeon holed the specific user to a specific IP address through maybe an address object? It's an interesting idea. Never tried to create a rule based on a specific user. Do you get the beer on success?