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  • Hi Ajishlal, I tried that but it didn't seem to help any. Now I cannot connect to the internet even when no video streaming is happening. When I reboot the firewall it allows traffic for about 2 minutes and then it is completely hosed again. As Saravanan suggested I am going to do a factory reset and start over.
  • Okay, I have not configured any Bandwidth Management. Pinging the SonicWall's LAN interface IP I only lost 1 packet. My client doesn't want to pay for a support contract. We have not licensed any Security Services. We only purchased the TZ270. Where do I go to view the Logs? I think I found the System Logs under the Logs…
  • I just did a ping to for 5 minutes and I consistently get about 10% to 12% packet loss.
  • I don't want to block Netflix. My client wants his Netflix to work like it did before we added the SonicWall appliance. The latency just gets really bad. I'm new to Sonicwall and would like to fix his issue but nothing seems to work.