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  • Hello Shipra, My internal VLAN's do start at 2. However I just learned that at that setting VLAN's 2-33 are reserved by the SonicWALL. X4 had VLAN's 20 and 30 so that is where the conflict was. If there are any VLAN's configured on the FW that fall between 2 and 33, the switch will not provision. Perhaps this should be…
  • Same error: Status:Error: Extended Switch cannot be configured due to presence of VLAN sub-interfaces in the reserved VLAN range. Tried attaching it to X2, no VLAN's with a subnet of Switch using firmware X0 and X4 have VLAN's but they are on different subnets. Any idea what the error means?
  • BTW X0 has the following VLAN's X0:V50 X0:V60 X0:V70
  • Hello Shipra- I am. I have a TZ400 and a 14-24 switch. I want to connect it using X0 for management and X2 for the data uplink. The switch was given a static IP manually through the switch GUI. The switch has the same subnet as X0. Cables are attached to X0 and X2 and ports 9 and 13. When trying to add the switch to the FW…