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  • @BWC @TRO Still testing but our phones can now talk to our Exchange Server via WireGuard. On your Sonicwall Firewall below are the high-level steps: 1. Port Forward WG Server 2. Address objects: WireGuard host (IP address, LAN zone) WireGuard network (wg0 subnet, LAN zone) 3. Routing: -source: Any -destination: WireGuard…
  • @BWC thanks for the quick reply but we are using an NSA 3600. We did see the WireGuard/SMA 100 write-ups which I thought gave WG some creditability. I just came from the CEO's office we will be implementing something else very soon to fix this IOS problem if we can't answers from SW.
  • Same as @TRO, we are getting a lot of heat about this issue, all of upper management uses iPhones. Our email server is behind the firewall so they can't get email on their phones. Has anybody come up with a viable workaround? We started looking at WireGuard for a free fix but it seems clumsy to configure it behind a…