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  • @ITCHRIS We can help you out, but I will need to verify your mysonicwall account through this site admin - then once we review the products in your account, I can have the trials added. We have to change the name, as its not possible to list the same name twice. When we loaded these images into accounts that had product,…
  • @MGNFCNTBSTRD I would need your serial number info to check. If the 25 licenses on the 3500 were purchased (not given as a default license) and the 4650 was a secure upgrade sku - then I can help you with that process. We typically do not do trials on SSL VPN licenses as they are perpetual.. but if you can work with your…
  • @YossiZ after reviewing your account - what I see is that there is a 500v that is running the 8.x code. That product is eligible to be upgraded to 10.x code and should be as soon as possible. There was an announcement that went out in June for that product line to have it move to version 10. That is why you did not see an…
  • I would ask for your serial or your username info - but being this is an open forum, I do not particularly wish to expose that info. I will ask the site admin here to pull your record and identify the mysonicwall account. Can you tell me if this particular device is in that account, or if it would be in a different…
  • Yossiz - if your account had a EOL SSL VPN product that is on the 8.x code, then the 500v should have been automatically loaded into your mysonicwall account.