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  • @preston I tried that as well Perhaps I dont have my CFS Exclusion/Inclusion set correctly as the term in confusing me.... Does the Exclude mean dont allow or is it the include mean dont allow these types?
  • @preston Thanks for the information! I was able to fix a couple of things going that route but one last question if you could help. How do I block sites with https? Example:, even though it is on my blacklist, I can still access that site.
  • @preston, Didnt know I could paste in here, thanks for the TIP! I am using Edge/Chrome during my tests and I finished up setting the DPI-SSL which was deployed to all my machines via GPO. I finally see hit counters and most sites are being blocked. However, even though I have DPI-SSL enabled users on can still access HTTPS…
  • @TKWITS I have read the SonicWave 231c get started guide and the administration guide. They didnt provide clear instructions on how to configure guest wifi with 0 access to the my internal network. I will review again as I started this process yesterday.
  • I read the first one and after checking the 2nd article these all point to the firewalls itself. I do not have an TZ370W, it is non wireless so I do not think this applies to me. Am I missing something?
  • WOW they do not make things clear in their documentation...I am trying to setup RADIUS authentication and authorization with the 2540 but once again their documentation is very cryptic to me. When I research the configuration setup it keeps referencing Clearpass. Is this required?
  • For the Access SW they are Aruba 2540 and 2930 for Core switch connecing to SonicWall TZ370 and Domain B will be a TZ270. Domain A has managed switches Domain B has unmanaged switches
  • @preston I appreciate your efforts but I was able to finally get this resolved. Somehow I missed adding the cloud network into the VPN group...I am seriously smacking myself for that...
  • @preston Excuse my ignorance as I only been working with firewalls for 3 years and I just implemented the SonicWall Security Appliances, Cisco ASA was prior to them. What do you mean it needs to be added to the destinations? I am using a Site to Site policy, not the Tunnel Interface. I have the following setup: Address…
  • AJISHLAL, Sorry for the delay as I have been sick this past week. However, it appears this view is not available in NSM and only available if logging into the firewall directly. Being new to SonicWall I have been trying to do everything in the NSM but I am starting to realize some things are not available. Not going to…
  • After talking with Support, we determined it was the HA that was enabled and not having the updated firmware installed. Once we disabled the HA, updated the firmware, then attempted to change the IPs on the interface. It resolved the issue.
  • I figured out how to disable this. Apparently I must have, at some point, enabled "Approval Workflow for Tenant" in the NSM. Once I disabled it, I no longer needed an approval group. This is an option I will most likely enable at a later date once I get comfortable with the UI.