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  • Hi Michael, Thanks for your reply. I think you have a valid point... probably better to use Static ARP entries to publish the MAC addresses of the NATted devices on the WAN side. Thanks again, Bas
  • Hi, Sorry, just found out that this IKEv2 problem is solved in firmware 7.0.1-R1456. I was using 7.0.1-R1262. Thanks.
  • Hi, I have the same problem, I think. My Cisco ASA5545 gives me an error: IKEv2 Negotiation aborted due to ERROR: No error TZ670: IKEv2 AES256, SHA256, PFS ON, DH Gr.14 Tried to change the PRF in the ASA, no luck. IKEv1 (Main Mode) works fine. Any help is appreciated.