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Probably the world smallest SNWL Partner, but very enthusiastic. Proud member of the PSIRT Hall of Fame. 🦜 @BWC_DE

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  • Hi all, was this situation ever resolved? Datasheets still showing 35K/50K/75K for TZ470/570/670 but the UI says otherwise 30K for all. Will there be an official statement on that? [email protected]
  • The weekly crash starts early this week, anyone else having these crashes? @SuroopMC any idea how to tackle this? panic(cpu 2 caller 0xffffff800774ad7a): "tcp_lock: so=0xffffff80861b03c0 NO PCB! lr=0xffffff7f8b671e42 lrh= 0xffffff80078de8ab:0xffffff80078fd596 0xffffff80078cd2ad:0xffffff80078fd596…
  • @bdfdcapt32 IMHO your static assignment cannot be from within a Dynamic Pool. This is at least what I understand you're trying to accomplish. This ends up in something like this: Error: [ -] overlaps with entry [ -] I usually leave some free space for static assignments in the…
  • @Ajishlal good to know will keep this in mind.
  • @preston mentioned the main point, if this specific appliance got replaced via SecureUpgrade it's decommisioned and cannot get reactivated. Just contact Support and see what they have to say about it. [email protected]
  • @mrrosh you cannot re-register the appliance because it is IMHO already bound to another MySonicWall Account. If you have a chance to contact the old owner to transfer it to yours should do the trick. [email protected]
  • @mrrosh sorry, no can do. But if you get the unit transferred from the old holders MySonicWall Account to your Account you should see it in the Download Center. [email protected]
  • @mrrosh the latest Release listed in my Download Center ist and I'am not sure if SNWL will release which would be the latest Release on the 9.x strain. Considering the situation, running this system reachable from the Internet is something I would consider as a security risk. YMMV, depending on what…
  • You could try using an IPsec client on your Mac instead of the L2TP, because there you could grant Management Access. I'am not certain about SSL-VPN if MGMT would be possible when connected. MobileConnect would be the easiest for sure. [email protected]
  • When you're connected via L2TP already, you can't IMHO login to the Admin UI from the same IP because you can be authenticated only once. Do you have a chance to connect to your WAN (X1) IP if you have it enabled on that interface? [email protected]
  • Update: I'am able to connect via VPN as Radius Administrator when in the "Network Administrators" Group on the Administration tab the option " Members go straight to the management UI on web login" is activated. It's a bit confusing but it does the trick, because I was able to login via WAN having this little Session…
  • I did a quick setup on my Appliance at home, and wasn't able to login with the Radius User via VPN, but was able to connect to my WAN Interface IP instead. When I'am back home I'll give it a try to login from LAN but your settings look good to me when you're in the network. The message about being logged in…
  • @mamey did you enabled HTTPS Management and User Login in the Interface Settings of the IP address you're trying to connect to? [email protected]
  • Hi @mamey it's the other way around, your "Network Administrators" should be a Member of "SonicWall Administrators". [email protected]
  • @SuroopMC are you aware of any cases which addressing the macOS Crashes? It happened again to me today while sitting in Google Chrome. It all points to SonicWallWebProtection. Latest macOS Upates are applied. panic(cpu 2 caller 0xffffff801ab4ad7a): "tcp_lock: so=0xffffff8069a66b40 NO PCB! lr=0xffffff7f9e30ee42 lrh=…