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Probably the world smallest SNWL Partner, but very enthusiastic. Proud member of the PSIRT Hall of Fame. 🦜 @BWC_DE

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  • @jpchenel this seems like a resolvable problem. Create a new Network Zone of Type "Public" and call it let's say "VoIP". Bind this Zone to Interface X3 and assign an IP address to it or let it be assigned by the PBX to end up in the network. The X3 Interface has to be conneccted to the LAN segment of your…
  • @leohsu I don't wanna be unfair, but IMHO there is no real stable version for Gen7. I would go for 7.0.1-5065, despite the fact a customer apppliance crashed for no reason yesterday and probably the days before as well. All of my deployments are at 5065 and running smoothly most of the time, until some stange things…
  • @DatalinkAdam sorry, I gave up on that for now. [email protected]
  • @Marco_Lazzarotto you're correct in both instances, 2FA can be enabled on User-level regardless the Domain-settings, and it'll be used for Web and NetExtender. It can be left unchange on Domain-level, which does not allow OTP for LocalDomain anyways. [email protected]
  • Well this is one of these threads which got nowhere, SNWL IMHO never addressed this properly. At least Brook does not have to bother anymore and hopefully Fortinet handles this in a different way. [email protected]
  • This is way I asked for the LB status. You can do a real alive check by activating the probing, which can be configured either on the LB group on the tab "Probing" or by member interface and the Physical Monitoring is the Default here. This is usually the problem when you have router or modem attached to your WAN port and…
  • @skunkworks how did you setup your Type of FLB, is it Basic Failover, Ratio, Round robin or Spil-over? What is the LB status when one line is down? It might be still up if you don't setup the Prob correctly. What Firmware we're talking about? [email protected]
  • You can find the ping on Invesitigagte -> System Diagnostics. I assume your endpoints have the correct default gateway configured? Check the routing table on the firewall, it should list something like Source: Any, Destination: to the proper gateway. Make sure there is no route which intercept the WAN desinted…
  • @cravix I assume you have the correct Access rules from LAN to WAN allowing traffic to pass? NAT and routing is setup properly? First diagnostics: ping from firewall to works? ping from firewall to works? ping from endpoint to works? ping from endpoint to works? These should…
  • @mrshahin I would presume when the lease expires should do the trick, but cannot say for sure for any kind of endpoint there is. [email protected]
    in DHCP question Comment by BWC May 20
  • @mrshahin yes, this is what I tried to explain, change subnet of X0 and then configure the DHCP scope. But make sure that your clients will get a new DHCP lease as well, because they need to honor the subnet mask too. [email protected]
    in DHCP question Comment by BWC May 20
  • The subnet mask of your DHCP scope should be already in sync with the related interface settings and the scope goes from - (or up to ... would be out of the subnet :) [email protected]
    in DHCP question Comment by BWC May 20
  • @mrshahin I guess you did not changed the subnet mask of your network interface from to This causes this message. The DHCP scope will be automatically adjusted after giving the network interface the correct subnet mask. Tested on a minute ago. [email protected]
    in DHCP question Comment by BWC May 20
  • @umut great that you solved it, but I guess you misled us by this: We want to print over VPN to the Printer connected to the WLAN at home, and I could not solve this problem until now. I (as a non native english speaker) assumed that you needed to print from the company to the remote attached printer via VPN. But this…
  • @Eddy77 to the best of my knowledge, if somebody gets the installer and runs it, the Endpoint gets registered.. It's all part of the auto-registration. Maybe @SuroopMC has another take on this? [email protected]