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  • OK!!! Thank you so much!! I am back to being able to get the VPN connected over WiFi. I did BOTH of your suggestions, so i honestly dont know Which one Actually was the key, but i can tell you that the Uninstaller program did find a SECOND older instance of GVC on my machine that was NOT listed in my normal Add/Remove…
  • Ohhhh Nice Tool @MitatOnge .. this is going in my IT Toolbox. ;) I will try both of your suggestions to essentially rip out my wifi Adaptor and GVC and take a run at this with fresh installs. I hope to be able to do that today and i will get back to you with the results. Thanks for the Tips!
  • Good Day @TonyA ! It SEEMS to ONLY be with this Machine. I have tired it on other Laptops and they are all fine to connect over WiFi. That is what makes me suspect it is a local setting on this machine.. but i just cant figure it out :/ The odd thing is again OTHER VPN programs are fine.. so i am befuddled. FYI Reviewed…