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  • The SonicPoint firmware is synchronized with the sonicOS Firmware i.e when the sonicwall firmware is upgraded it forces a firmware upgrade on the sonicpoint. In sonicOS the following are the firmware versions for different SonicPoint/Wave models: SonicPoint-Ni/Ne Firmware Version: SonicPoint-NDR…
  • If the Reports Summarizer service stops processing syslogs, the following message may be received: Warning: Backed-Up Syslog Files Status on Monday, October 21, 2019 11:37:42 AM UTC (2019-10-21 11:37:42 UTC) summarizer: backed-up - High queue size Summarizer at X.X.X.X has 1417 syslog files in queue. Please see Console >…
  • If you are hosting with Google and are receiving the following error message, review your TLS setting on the G Suite Admin Portal and update the following settings. 5.7.4 smtp; A policy required TLS transmission, but a TLS connection could not be established Disable checkbox should resolve this particular issue. Inbound…
  • Yes, we can apply the CFS policies based on IP address or range of IP addresses. You can refer KB @
  • It only takes a few quick steps to add/create a new policy rule to your setup. To add a new policy rule: Click Add a New Policy Rule button in the upper right area of the page. In the Choose SaaS list, select the cloud application to apply the new rule too. From the Choose Security list, select the security service or…
  • In the VPN policy, you will need to create a group that included both remote networks and entered that into the "Remote Networks" section in the network tab of the VPN policy. Perform this action at both spokes and make sure to update your HUB as well. The linked video has further information as well as the articles below.…