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  • @Jimmywick I didn't get this error at any time. The errors that often appear to me in emails are those shown in the first image.
  • I have now enabled this option on my appliance. Should the details come in the report?
  • I installed version 4.1.6 and the error persists. During the installation you are asked to fill in the domain name, an account with Domain Admin access and the account password. Then the Appliance IP and a password for synchronization. After filling all this, the error appears and the application does not open correctly.
  • apparently this colleague has or had the same problem as me, I will try to look for an older version of the SSO Agent to test and see if I can configure it on my server.
  • Hey Kevin, the version that worked well for you was not the latest one, right? Reading your text, I believe I have the same problem as you. I noticed from the reports received in the email that some company machines are having difficulty authenticating. Performing tests, everything seems to work fine, in the Firewall and…
  • In my case, we don't have BitLocker as a computer encryption solution. It was really strange what happened on this day when I opened this discussion. We didn't have more reports of this same item, but sometimes others with different names appear. I strongly believe that it is something coming from Microsoft for…
  • It would be great if someone from SonicWall could give us some information.
  • If it is really a false positive, we can adopt the solution of this other forum that dealt with something very similar before.
  • Based on your answer I believe it to be a false positive yes. Because we know that Akamai is a company used by big developers to distribute their update packages to customers. If in your analysis you were able to identify Akamai servers, it is very likely that it is something that has happened before and that we should…
  • In relation to security, I removed the two machines from the network. But I don't understand what this "Kryptik.AYPY" is.