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  • @Jaime Wow, {asldij4%%!DEAFDS!!!!!}. Yes, that works, thank you. This Gen6 nuance is mentioned NOWHERE in the API documentation. Gen7 doesn't appear to have this problem. Hours of my life into this.... ./sonicos_files/
  • Plot thickens. This exact same syntax works using a custom group. Problem seems specific to the "Default Geo-IP and Botnet Exclusion Group". This problem is only occurring on Gen6, can't re-create on Gen7. I have tested using latest firmware,
  • Thanks @Jaime I did manage to get the delete code working. Struggling currently with adding address-objects to address-groups on Gen6 however. I did manage to find the Gen6 API documentation and it appears I am following it to the letter. Here is the postman side of things... W-N-M365- is an IPv4 network…
  • Lol, then why comment on this thread? The root issue description is specific to PPPoE. No need to respond to this.
  • The original problem was a result of running the ISP modem in bridge mode with the SonicWALL handling PPPoE authentication. Regards, Adam Tyler
  • Just an update on this PPPoE issue. I gave up trying to use the SonicWALL to directly authenticate the PPPoE session. I just have nothing but problems with this. Instead, I set the SonicWALL WAN interface IP to a static private address (Preferably one that doesn't conflict with your enterprise LAN). Then, I use the ISP…