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  • OMG! The latest firmware, sw_tz_570.7.0.1-5023-R1826-H17127-377.bin.sig, actually works! TOTP works without crashing the entire network! Last weekend, October 23 2021 was the FIRST time the device was fully functional! Do you think we will get a credit for the support time where the device did not work? I have asked this…
  • A newer version is a better fix... sw_tz_570_eng.7.0.1-5027-R1938.bin.sig. Network has not crashed with this version, yet. YMMV
  • Update. Even the new version, sw_tz_570_eng.7.0.1-5018-R1709.bin.sig has MAJOR issues. While SonicWALL was testing, the remote access was blocked. That means that inside users could see outside, but anyone trying to remote in got timed out. The issue is with TOTP. If you are using TOTP with RADIUS, be careful, VERY CAREFUL!
  • Tested and now using sw_tz_570_eng.7.0.1-5018-R1709.bin.sig and it seems to be good. TOTP Still has issues: If you enter the onetime only code as the first code, you wont have a onetime code and more importantly if you try to reset it, it gives you the SAME QR CODE and a one time code of "0" which doesn't work. Scenario: A…
  • Confirmed new firmware available: sw_tz_570_eng.7.0.1-5018-R1709.bin.sig Will have to test tonight or tomorrow!
  • I'm using the latest Firmware for the TZ570 (7.0.1-R1456) since the prior firmware has even more issues. Support wont even tell the developers about this issue since they can't replicate it. I will look to see if a newer version is available. Just be aware! I will try to get a scenario that causes the total network…