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  • Thanks Larry, I will try, but am very spooked about putting this unit back in production as the users are not happy with the downtime to date and I am not going to be physically anywhere near the offices for the next 30 days. I will try it in my lab. Oddly, I created a support ticket for this and after 24 hours of waiting…
  • I bought a TZ270 back in the summer. Have had a number of freezes, all happening about 20 to 30 days apart. Support asked for logs, however, the logs clear everytime I reboot it to get out of the freeze up. Secondly, when frozen it is impossible to access the management interfaces. So WTF. I have loaded the latest firmware…
  • I've got a TZ 270 and it has been up for about 2 months. It locked up yesterday. It was still passing traffic but I could not get into the console. Needed to reboot. Running the latest firmware from 2 months ago. I know, there is a new update, but I haven't scheduled it yet. Seems to me like a memory leak, but I can't pull…