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  • You may want to consider ditching SonicWall altogether, I did and no more 7th gen issues plaguing my customers with downtime. 😉
  • I have four customers all with the same ISP and all with either a TZ270 or a TZ370 and as of 5/6/22, they are all experiencing intermittent but frequent Internet outages, as many as 30 in a 24 hour period. The outages are mostly 10 to 15 seconds in duration with some as long as 90 seconds. There is no discernible pattern…
  • Just an FYI to anyone who implemented the workaround: I had two accounts, one had a TZ270 and the other had a TZ370, and both experienced GVPN connection errors preventing the connection until I reversed the prescribed bug fix and rebooted the SonicWall(see below for specifics on the VPN error). **I only reversed the bug…