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TZ400 in high availbilty mode with 4G USB adapter


I have 2x TZ400 firewalls running in high availbility mode. The firewalls are behind a cisco C881 service router from our internet provider.

I woud like to install a 4G USB adapter for internet backup purposes. The 4G adapter is DWM222 from d-link and supported by sonicwall. But the 4G adapter makes no connection. I have tried different connection settings but no luck.

I had the 4G adapter connected to the sonicwall for serveral hours but suddenly the sonicwall could not ping to the cisco router anymore. No internet was availabe since then. I removed the 4G adapter and restarted the sonicwall and cisco router and everything was up again.

Is it possible to use a 4G adapter in combination with a high availbilty setup? Has anyone experience with this?

Why is the 4G adapter not working? I know the adapter is OK because I have test it on another devices.

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


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