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Allow access from Remote Network


I have an NSA 2600 firewall (Point A) which has several site to site VPN connections to our offices (Points B,C,D etc)

I also have SSLVPN/RADIUS enabled on Point A to allow remote VPN access to Point A from the internet.

We also have several VPN connections from Point A with External Customers (Points 1,2,3 etc)

I need to give one of our offices (Point B) access to a Customer VPN connection (Point 1) VIA Point A

SSLVPN users dialled into Point A can already connect to Customer Point 1


How do I allow a remote office (Point B) network (LAN) access to Customer Point 1? (Point B already has access to Point A, they just need access beyond to Customer Point1


Category: Mid Range Firewalls

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    TKWITSTKWITS Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Think about it. You're tunneling all this traffic already, but 'Office B' doesn't know how to get to 'Customer 1'. What could you do to get 'Office Bs' firewall to know how to route traffic to 'Customer 1'.

    Basically you'd need to add the 'Customer 1' network to the VPN tunnel between 'Office A' and 'Office B', then get your Customer to add the 'Office B' network to their VPN tunnel to 'Office A'.

    Then repeat for the remaining Offices and Customers.


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