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Tunnel Connect - will it update without admin credentials from 12.40.680

Environment - SMA 1000 series (SMA 8200Vs) with Modern Connect Tunnel clients at 12.40.680

Current SMAs and CMS all on 12.4.0-02223 with all hotfixes (clt-hotfix-12.4.0-02559, clt-hotfix-12.4.0-02725, clt-hotfix-12.4.0-03050, pform-hotfix-12.4.0-02559, pform-hotfix-12.4.0-02725, pform-hotfix-12.4.0-03050)

If I do the upgrade to 12.4.1 can users (finally) upgrade their modern connect tunnel clients at login without admin credentials? This was supposed to be corrected in the 12.40.680 MCT client (according to erlease notes, but this is the first opportunity to test it. Has anyone tried and can confirm?

My users do not have admin rights and a client upgrade has historically required help desk assistance. Just wondering if anyone has done this yet and can confirm that it works.


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    NatNat Newbie
    edited June 2021

    first, from release note said 'Yes'.

    SMA1000-3218 Connect Tunnel update fails when clients do not have administrative rights on their local systems.

    And a quick test, installing 12.4.680 need admin rights.

    Running update at user's discretion

    OOPS...look works, didn't ask for credentials and auto finished

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    Doug_DanielDoug_Daniel Newbie ✭

    so my hopes is that if my users are at MCT 12.40.680, which was the first one where this was planned for/corrected/etc. that the upgrade to MCT will happen without admin credentials.

    I can confirm that with MCT MCT 12.40.680, we did need admin credentials for the upgrade as NAT confirmed. I am still hoping that someone has done the upgrade from MCT 12.40.680 to MCT via push from the SMA 1000 device and can confirm whether admin credentials are still needed. This would be a game changer in support of MCT and obviously development has been working towards this, so hopefully it is in place as currently documented. I just need to be sure before I unleash hundreds of help desk calls.

    If nothing else, I will be doing this in the next few days and will report back.

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    Doug_DanielDoug_Daniel Newbie ✭

    NAT - thank you! I totally misread your post the first time. Thank you very much!

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