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Impliment Capture Client on NSA 2700

To start. There isn't any current manuals that give you a step by step procedure to impliment Capture Client on a LAN with a Sonicwall firewall. I've looked at many. My firmware is 7.0.1. Which is different that anything i've seen.

I would like to know how to test it before pushing it out to everyone. I loaded SentinalOne on my pc. It doesn't see the firewall. I can push policies to it and see it in Capture Client Management. I've been very frustrated.

Any one have a list on what I should do?


Category: Capture Client

Best Answer


  • SteveCherrySteveCherry Newbie ✭

    Thank you. It still lacked some. But I got it worked out.

    Thank you!

  • SuroopMCSuroopMC Moderator

    @SteveCherry - thanks for letting us know. Can you share what it lacked so that we can improve for consumption?

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