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Local analysis without serial

Hello, I'm trying to register on-premises analytics for ESXI, but I can't go ahead, as shown in the image,

As it is a virtual appliance, where can I find the serial and the activation code.

Category: Firewall Management and Analytics

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    You would be able to see the serial and authentication code in MSW after you activate the keys. @odanielsantiago__

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    Hi, thanks for the reply,
    Let me see if I understand,
    I have 5 analysis licenses for 5 TZ300, I applied a key through the mysonicwall portal,
    All appear without licenses without mysonicwall as syslog analytics
    All will be configured without on-site analysis, download on-site for ESXI and perform the deployment, after all the configuration is stuck on this screen
    I can't find the serial number and code.

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    This capture is from one of the 5 products I have, can I use this serial to not place analyzes on the site?

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    Can you clarify your question?

    You will have to use this serial number and its corresponding authentication code to register your analytics instance. Please make sure not to post sensitive information (serial + authentication code) in public forums like this for security reasons.

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    we cannot do anything w/o serial number on the appliance. talk to sales or you can if there is any trail version..

    Vijay Kumar KV

    Enterprise Tech Support Consultant | SME

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