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Tunnel drops randomly

Good day,

We have a SOHO250 wireless-N connecting to a NSa 2650 with a Site to Site VPN using IKE. The SOHO is at the users end with a DHCP IP Address connecting to the 2650 on our end which has a static IP. The tunnel will connect just fine and pass the data and voice traffic but randomly the tunnel will go down and the only way to bring it back up is to power cycle the SOHO, turning the tunnel off and on at either end doesn't seem to work. None of the other SOHO or software VPN users we have connecting to us have reported issues, and this user was solid for months before this issue randomly started happening. We have tried replacing the SOHO with no luck.

When the VPN goes down the user still has an internet connection, and the only thing I can find in the log on the NS end is the following two messages:

Tunnel Down. policy 51(REDACTED), Dst -, Src -, GW IPREDACTED, inSpi 0x38b8733f, Reason: Remove IPSec SaNode.


Received packet retransmission. Drop duplicate packet <- this one shows up a bunch.

I've tried turning Keep Alive off, turning it on, turning the ignore fragment bit on and off and turning IKE Dead Peer on and off (all these on the SOHO end, not the NS end) and am at my wit's end. Anyone got any ideas of what I could look for?

Thank you.

Category: Mid Range Firewalls


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