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Streaming Problems when connected to Sonic Wall

I work from home and use a Sonic Wall TZ 215 connected to my cable modem, so everything coming in or going out must go through the sonic wall. We use Sling and Hulu streaming services on our TVs and everything has worked fine up until a week ago. In my troubleshooting I have determined that if I remove the Sonic Wall from the equation, everything works fine. The error messages I am getting from Sling say the problem could be buffering or account authorization issues, or a temporary lapse in communication between our systems and your internet service provider. We have also been getting other security related issues when trying to access certain apps on our phones when connected to the wifi which is connected to the sonic wall. Are there any settings that can be changed on the Sonic Wall or any other resolutions that are out there? Thank you

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


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