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Https server responded, but client never received. What could be the causes?

Hello all,

I couldn't https connect to the sonicwall firewall from WAN and always received timeout error. 

I looked into the packets and found that the firewall (158.x.x.x) did received the request and responded with SYN, ACK (see the first pic below). However, in the 2nd pic below you can see on my computer (67.x.x.x) wireshark never received the SYN, ACK packets. It only shows my computer kept sending SYN requests.

On the 3rd pic it shows that eventually the firewall sent RST, ACK packet to disconnect, and wireshark shows my computer received it (the 4th pic).

So that's the questions:

1. How come my computer can receive the RST, ACK packets but not the SYN, ACK packets?

2. On the 1st pic it shows the firewall "GENERATED" SYN,ACK packet. Does the "GENERATED" status mean the packet has been sent and not dropped or blocked by the firewall?

Thanks a lot. 

Category: Firewall Management and Analytics


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