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Sonicwave 224w LAN and pass through ports

I have some doubts about ports in 224w and I don´t have a unit to test.

1) Are LAN1 to LAN4 L2 switched ports?

2) Are pass through ports only a mechanical connection?



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    CS_Welsh1CS_Welsh1 Newbie ✭

    the deployment guide is not useful at all, especially if you ordered an external power supply because none of the POE units for this Sonicwave model are available anywhere.

    I have the Sonicwall TZ600 Interface X5 plugged into the POE In on the bottom of the unit, the only port that works. The LAN ports DO NOT seem to work. Sonicwall support is telling me that I need to call a Sonicwall Technician because something must not be configured properly but could not tell me or send me a link explaining what could possibly be setup incorrectly.

    The deployment guide is vague about the description of all the ports on the Unit, and Support is also being very vague as well. I purchased this unit, so I could use an existing Wired jack at my office to plug this unit into, and then plug the TV or computer into one of the LAN ports. So far is not working out.

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    krskrs Newbie ✭

    I just finished setting up two 224w devices on my TZ400. Agree that the documentation isn't clear. The only port available for connection to the TZXXX on the 224w is the 'X1' port which are the backside punch-down terminals. the RJ-45 port would only work if you were mounting on a junction box, otherwise RJ-45 connection would protrude too 'deep' to mount on a flat surface, so I had to use the punch-down terminals.

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    CS_Welsh1CS_Welsh1 Newbie ✭

    That is correct, only that port works, unless you install the 9.92n version of the firmware, but better check into all the issues that will happen to your config when you install it. Your Cloud BACKUPS disappear, and I was unable to roll back to the previous version unless I put the TZ600P into Smart Mode. Sonicwall support saw with their own eyes, using https to get to my sonicwall TZ600p that this was also a problem.

    Once I went through that issue last weekend, I said enough, I am staying in 8.89n. For the price point, the 224W works well, but only with a POE Injector. They need to update the deplioyment guide, and state that the LAN ports are only available on Firmware 9.92n, and the 12V adaptor will work, but give you warnings unless the unit is put into LOW POWER mode, but even in low power mode on firmware 8.89n, it will still warn, but not stop traffic. 9.92v with the 12V adaptor, regardless of how you have the power mode set on the Sonicwave 224w, it will warn you to death about the 802.3AT power is insufficient and put in low power mode, and this is with the Unit in LOw Power mode. Then it just stops the traffic through that AP.

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    LarryLarry All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭
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