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Why does it take four days or more for SonicWALL support to response to any question?



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    MPanMPan Newbie ✭


    Here is the response from WeWork -

    "Our core layer device does utilize ESP ALG for our own IPsec tunnels back to our datacenters. This should not have any impact on your IPsec tunnel as the security policy applied to public IPs we allocate to members have 0 restrictions with no ALG applied, see below:"

    Source addresses:


    any-ipv6: ::/0

    Destination addresses:


    any-ipv6: ::/0

    Application: any

    IP protocol: 0, ALG: 0, Inactivity timeout: 0

    Source port range: [0-0]

    Destination port range: [0-0]

    Currently, I'm trying to book a packet capture session with WeWork.

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