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IMPORTANT: SonicWave (Cloud-Managed) stops clients connecting when you stop paying for support

sonicteksonictek Newbie ✭

Just so you are aware that if you're using SonicWaves and managed by the cloud, and you stop paying for support you may find at some point in the near future that your clients cannot access the wireless network. The only way to get around this is to pay for support. It doesn't happen immediately after support expires, but maybe the next time the AP gets a firmware update or reboots.

In the early days of cloud management it was muted that this may be the case but then SonicWall decided to not follow the Meraki lead which upsets many customers who have paid for an access point which then stops working.

What should happen after support expires is that your SonicWave should continue to work as normal but you cannot make any changes via the portal (which is entirely acceptable).

I've now had 2 instances of this happening and been asking for an official response from SonicWall for weeks but no response.

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