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Net Extender Client looses network route

There are a few users who are loosing network while connected to VPN. Net Extender stay connected but there is no connectivity to the network. This usually happens when they are pulling large files from the server... any ideas?

Category: VPN Client

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    @Juan_Patrol310 There was a similar issue a couple of years ago, it was a Firmware Issue. Maybe you could share which SonicOS and Netextender Version you are using?

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    NetExtender Client version 9.0.279

    SonicOS SSL-VPN

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    SimonSimon Moderator

    Hi @Juan_Patrol310 ,

    What hardware is this running on? SRA 1200/1600/4200/4600 or SRA SMB Virtual

    All of the SSL-VPN hardware platforms, supporting this firmware, are obsolete and no longer supported.

    The version virtual appliance is likewise not supported. But if you have a support contract, you should be able to upgrade the virtual appliance to a current SMA 500v and supported firmware.

    Using a modern Netextender client on an obsolete firmware is not supported. We have never tested this combination for function or reliability. We can not assure you it will or should work.

    If you see the same issue with an SMA appliance running supported firmware, please open a support case for us to look at this in detail.

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    I am using an SRA 4600.

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    Thank you for the information. I have passed this information and we are now looking for a solution that will work for us.

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