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How to Lockdown Net Extender Client so Users CANNOT disconnect or change settings

ljohnson055ljohnson055 Newbie ✭
edited August 2020 in VPN Client

JP had a youtube video explaining net extender. He mentions two things I can't figure out. He says the Disconnect button is removed from Net Extender client, preventing user from disconnecting. He also mentions SND or secure network detection, when user is on the corporate local network, Net Extender doesn't connect and tells you so. How do I incorporate both these options in my net extender client? Can someone reach out to him, i can't find his email, and get the information? Or just tell me how it's done. Is there an xml setings or config file to be included with net extender setup, or change permissions on some files on windows, perhaps registry change? thank you!

Category: VPN Client

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