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Sonicwall Firewall Firmware Upgrade

SandeepSandeep Newbie ✭
edited August 2020 in High End Firewalls

Hi Folks,

We are planning to upgrade the firmware on Sonicwall Supermassive 9200 from SonicOS Enhanced to

Firewall is in HA pair, Active - standby mode.

I can see no issue in upgrading directly. Does anyone have any inputs on this please?

Category: High End Firewalls

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  • SandeepSandeep Newbie ✭

    Hi Shipra,

    Thank you for your inputs, unfortunately we have users using mobile connect on android.

    Does version has any issues?

    Do you recommend to upgrade to version instead of due to few issues.

  • AlbertoAlberto Enthusiast ✭✭

    I saw firmware is out. 

    I would like a detail on this problem solved "GEN6-1417 NetExtender slow performance" (I have users who also complain about this problem). solved mobile client problem GEN6-1285


  • Hello @Alberto,

    Both GEN6-1285 and GEN6-1417 are addressed on release.

    Thank you!

    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

  • AlbertoAlberto Enthusiast ✭✭

    Thanks, I got it! Is it possible to have more information on this error GEN6-1417 ?

  • AlbertoAlberto Enthusiast ✭✭

    Have you got visibility about my problem ? GEN6-1803

  • @Alberto,

    On GEN6-1417 it was found that there was reduction in the TCP receiver window & congestion window on DataPlane causing this issue which had been fixed on

    GEN6-1803 is still being investigated by the engineering team at this moment.


    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

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