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GMS 9.2 Reports - Features Request

We just implemented GMS9.2 (Syslog)and are finding some features missing from GMS 9.2 vs GMS 8.7 (windows - syslog). For example, in GMS 8.7 we were able to add all units and pick a specific reporting option , say "Failed Login" under "Authentication".

In GMS 9.2, this option doesnt exist. I can only pick one model, and within that "Authentication" option doesnt exist.

The aim here is to have one report (say failed login) for all units, not multiple reports/ schedules for each unit for failed login. I havent found a way around it, except creating individual reports for each unit. If I am missing something here, please point me in the right direction. Thanks.

Category: Firewall Management and Analytics
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