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Interface X0 for PCs & Sonicpoints

KamaKama Newbie ✭

Hello guys

i m new to sonicwall and trying to wrap my head around to configure the Sonicpoints ,Computers and all the IOT devices all through the Cisco Switch 24 PoE ,instead if having Sonicpoints through X2 or X3 or X4 and rest of the equipment through X0 .So is it even possible to configure everything through just one interface like X0 LAN and than cable to the switch and everything gets plugged in through the switch ?Or do i have to have a separate interface for WLAN for example X2 ,X3 or X4 etc.?And also if its even possible to utilize the builtin aaccess point along with other two Sonicpoints that would be great.

Please see pic attached for more info.

Thanks in advance.

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  • ThKThK Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    @Kama You should have a dedicated Port for WLAN on the TZ300. You can have Portshieldgroup for WLAN if needed.

    On the switch you should separate the Sonicpoints in a vlan which you connect to the WLAN ports on the Firewall.

    If you start implementing WLAN in your Network, notice that you should think about the new SonicWaves.

    You have much more flexibility and Security


  • KamaKama Newbie ✭

    Hello THK

    Thanks for quick response.....moving forward i tired to run the wizard for Portshield but there is no option for WAN/LAN/WLAN .thanks

  • ThKThK Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    @Kama in your sketch i see 2 SonicPoint AP. you should separate these from the the LAN (X0). This could be done cableling the AP directly in the Firewall. So you can make a Portshiled group for the two ports. And you have a Wireless Zone.

    If the SPs could not be patched into the Firewall, you should use a vlan on the switch to separate the sonicpoints from the LAN.


  • prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭
    edited August 2020

    if you did want everything on the same flat network (Not Recommended), but say you don't have a managed/VLAN aware switch or are not using the cloud managment,

    you can configure X2 in the WLAN Zone (needs to be WLAN zone to provision the SonicPoints) then in the Zones / WLAN/ Advanced turn off the only allow traffic generated by a SonicPoint, then Use X2 instead of X0 as the Main LAN and connect to the switch all wired and Wireless can be on the same subnet (if wanting to use the same IP network as the X0 change X0 to be something else first as it won't let you put X2 in the same subnet.

    just rememeber it will use the last two IP addresses in the range for the SonicPoint Provisioning IPs

    If your switch is a Managed VLAN aware one then use VLANs to seperate the traffic, also you can use things like Native Bridging if you want rather than the portshielding and can have the Internal WLAN on the Same as the SonicPoints

  • KamaKama Newbie ✭

    Please see the pic attached .........i want the following to be done

    1 VLANS

    2 Want to only use one switch Cisco 3750X (lets say X0 ) so another words i don't want physically connect Sonicpoints N2 to PoE Injectors or PoE Switch which will connect back to X2 and have rest of the stuff connected to another Switch with another physical cable from lets say X0

    3 Want to take advantage of built-in wifi in TZ300W as well if possible parallel running with Sonicpoints N2

    i have upgraded Sonicwall TZ300W to latest firmware.


  • prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭

    Hi @Kama, that is all possible probably best using the Cloud Wifi though if you want to use X0 and you will need to create sub interfaces on the X0 for all the other VLANs apart from the Default untagged VLAN,

    see here for the Cloud Wifi Setup

    Otherwise you could do what I mentioned in my last post and use X2 instead of X0 as the LAN going straight to your switch and set up sub interfaces on X2 for all the other VLANs,

    so X0 would have nothing conected to it as X2 is replacing the LAN connection.

    You would need to use the Native Bridge method to get the Internal Wifi as the same as your SonicPoints (this method the SonicWall manages the SonicPoints)

    Just to mention this method is a workaround not the recommend method

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