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How to handle multi-tenancy?

SummitSummit Newbie ✭
edited February 2020 in Capture Client

So has anyone figured out a good way to handle multi-tenancy? We manage over 175 client environments and keep wanting to use the Capture client, but from what I've been able to find out, there's no efficient way to address managing different environments from both a technical and licensing/pricing perspective.

My understanding right now is that we would have to purchase licenses for each client individually, then manage each from a different Capture portal. Which in and of itself isn't great (vs. a single portal) but another issue is that we cannot leverage the quantities of "all" seats/licenses in use to reduce our overall cost. The costs would be based on our individual client and not by the total licenses we purchase for all clients (which since we're the partner, I'd think we should be able to do that).

I've been hearing for a long time that this was on the roadmap to be addressed, but I'm curious if any other partners have found a good way to address this in the system that's currently in place.

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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    Hi @Summit

    I've changed your discussion to a question, and am reaching out to a few Capture Client experts to respond here. Stay tuned.

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    SummitSummit Newbie ✭

    Thanks Chris. I have the same question about hosted email security, but figured I'd post one question at a time!

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    WNRG_BenDavisWNRG_BenDavis Enthusiast ✭✭

    Hi Summit,

    In reference to Capture Client, you would just have to make groups within your MySonicWall for each of your tenants and register the Capture Clients into each of those groups. From there you would be able to manage all of the tenants from a Single Login on the Capture Client Cloud Portal. You would also be able to give admin/user access to each individual Tenant as needed and they would not be able to see all the other Tenant's configurations.

    As for the licensing, you would still have to license each of them individually as licensing is a per tenant basis. If you had a single tenant then the nodes could be all used up by a single entity. This reason is also there for the feature of SonicWall based enforced AV with Capture Client as it needs to have the SonicWall and Capture Client tenant in the same group in MySonicWall to work properly.

    Thank you

    Ben Davis

    Western NRG

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    SuroopMCSuroopMC SonicWall Employee

    As you rightly pointed out, multi-tenancy has a licensing and an operational angle to it.

    For licensing, to address your requirement, we have 2 options:

    1. Work with your SonicWall Account Executive to see if you qualify for our MSSP program - we have launched a PayGo monthly licensing model that will allow you to pay a flat price per endpoint across all your tenants.
    2. Use Flexspend to purchase a pool of credits that can be applied for Capture Client licensing. The pool is a flat price and Flexspend usage is also flat across tenants. You can reach out to your SonicWall Account Executive for more details.

    For operations, you can manage multiple tenants from a single portal, with the ability to easily switch tenants for cofigurations and policy management. And if you are managing multiple tenants, you will have access to a multi-tenant dashboard available at Overview -> Tenants

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    RedNetRedNet Enthusiast ✭✭

    "This reason is also there for the feature of SonicWall based enforced AV with Capture Client as it needs to have the SonicWall and Capture Client tenant in the same group in MySonicWall to work properly."

    This is interesting, I am currently trialling capture 3.0. The registration on mysonicwall of the trial serial for capture was a little confusing. In the trial I didn't need to associate to a live firewall as its a trial. In reality the clients would likely be behind a sonicwall, so is the serial key for capture adv entered on the firewall (in mysonicwall) for that same customer in this case?

    Thanks for the heads up on the first part, so if I am going with this looks like I will have to create a new "Tenant / Group" per customer and put all of their products in the same.

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