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Memory leaking


I have been experiencing this weird memory issue with firewalls running on the code . Having a few TZ500 & a NSa 2650 running on that code. Memory keeps on increasing on a daily basis until 98-99% ultimately resulting in the firewall rebooting. The problem here is there are no users logged in or many things going on with the firewall that justifies high memory utilization. I remember upgrading them from to get rid of the high CPU utilization problem.

Has anybody else been experiencing similar issues (see attached memory utilization trends) ? Need some help as I don't want the same thing to occur when I upgrade them to the latest code.

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


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    fmadiafmadia Moderator

    Hi @amol_wani122,

    we're aware of some memory issues on the firmware version and the latest firmware has resolved quite a few so far.

    I would recommend you to upgrade both firewalls but before doing do, please review the release notes for any known issue that may cause issues into your environment.

    Best Regards,

    Francesco Madia

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    amol_wani122amol_wani122 Newbie ✭

    Hi @fmadia

    Thanks for responding. I did not find any known issues to be hindering the environment, so upgraded one of the firewalls to the latest code - The memory utilization so far on that one shows (started off at 60% after it booted) the same trend as earlier except that earlier there was a 1% rise for ~50 hrs & now it happens to be ~30 hrs. This is pretty strange & I do have a case open with the Support team for more than a week now & there has been no update as to what is causing this, let alone finding a solution to fix this issue.

    I believe the current workaround should be to keep rebooting the firewall every couple of weeks.

    Thoughts ?

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    dojjandojjan Newbie ✭


    Did you find any cause to this? I'm seeing this on a 2600 with the exact same symptoms (the memory increasing over time until reboot).

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