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NSA 3600 SSLVPN Mass User Logout

cwilliamscwilliams Newbie ✭


I'm investigating an issue where we had 22 users connected to our SSLVPN through the Netextender app logged out at the same time. This is the second time this has happened since updating our firmware to from less than 60 days ago. These devices never did this prior to the firmware update, is this a known issue with this firmware?

We don't have inactivity logout set for the SSLVPN and we have plenty of available licenses available, usually only around 70 users with 150 licenses.

I've reviewed the Logs and there are no details that help. In this case it was 22 "inform" entries at the exact same time with no notes where it would normally say what policy it the log entry belongs to. Clicking on the entries vices me the User Name, session time (all are different) and IP address, Priority is "Inform" and Message is "User Logged Out - $username".

I've also monitored the CPU load of the Devices (Running 2 NSA's one as HA) and there is nothing out of the ordinary.

Is there anything we can try before we roll-back the firmware?


Category: SSL VPN


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