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Remove FW association from Switch

to resolve a previous issue posted, i have had to delete the switch from the firewall which has happened without issue. however in the Web GUI of the switch i am now still getting a message to say "Switch is managed by sonicwall NGFW. Local changes are not recommended"

since the switch has been removed from the FW, how do i un-associate the switch with a FW.



Category: Switches


  • PradipPradip SonicWall Employee
    edited July 2020

    Hi @dinny_tom84 ,

    When a switch is deleted or disconnected from a firewall, the settings pushed by the firewall to the switch stay intact. 

    When we connect a switch to a firewall using auto-discovery, the firewall resets the switch before provisioning it. This is done to make sure the switch does not contain any previously configured settings (manually configured or pushed by firewall which was managing this switch previously ).

    In your case, to remove the "Switch is Managed by SonicWall NGFW" message and other settings pushed by the firewall, you would need to reset the switch.



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