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SonicWall Premier Services

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Today’s cybersecurity landscape has changed. Protecting your network, employees, and business from threats, attacks, and breaches is even more challenging. SonicWall Boundless Premier Services is our first step in expanding our 30 years of service excellence. Boundless Premier is designed to be the service where and when you need it most.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

 1.      What is SonicWall Premier Services? 

 Premier Services is an extension to your standard support agreement. Premier Services provides you direct access to Subject Matter Experts (SME) via a dedicated phone line with PIN-enabled access. Our subject matter experts believe it’s critical to have a deeper level of interaction and understanding of your environment to ensure our service delivery meets your changing needs.

 2.      What Value Does a SonicWall Service Account Manager (SAM) add? 

The Service Account Manager is a critical value-add member of the Premier Services team. They help facilitate support case urgency and priority internally, but also the extended internal teams such as “Product Management, Engineering, and Quality assurance”. SonicWall SAMs are your single point of contact, work closely with our teams, and have visibility on all your Premier Services cases. They can help manage timelines and schedule resource allocations from the SonicWall support side to assist in key projects like migrations, upgrades, deployments, etc.

The SAM is also the main point of contact for escalations and works internally as an advocate working on your behalf to have the issues addressed with high visibility within SonicWall.

3.      What is the difference between Premier Services & Standard Service? 

 Premier Services provides three members of your team with unique Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) to be used to call or email cases into our support organization. Premier Services eliminates the need for a service entitlement check through customer service.

 4.      What are the Service Level Objectives for Premier Services? 

Call response Time for Live Agent Assistance:

Within 15 minutes after completing the call queue process during business hours.

Email Response time:

Within 1 business day.

5. How are the Case Priority Levels treated in Premier Services?

Case Resolution Targets by Priority Level:

           Priority 1: (Critical - Services Outage) 24 hours

           Priority 2: (Major – Service Impacting Event) 7 Business Days

           Priority 3: (Minor – Problem and Answer) 21 Business Days

 6. What are the Types of Premier Services? 

 We offer Premier Services to Partners/MSSPs and end customers. 

 7. How are the Premier Services Accounts Treated? 

  As a Premier Services customer, high visibility and utmost care will be provided by our Subject Matter Experts to resolve your issues. However, the SAM will play a vital role to address issues via higher management by gathering all required teams and work together as a partnering of services. 

 Your SAM will be engaged during all internal reviews and meetings on your critical issues and will advocate for your business while providing timely updates on progress and next steps. 

 8What Are The Hours of Operation for Premier Services?  

Premier has both 24x5 and 24x7 service offerings, this adds flexibility for you to fit premier to your business needs.

9. What Happens If You Exceed Your Premier Services Credits/Cases? 

 The SAM will monitor your account and will advise you before exceeding your case credits. Discussions will take place with sales if any additional credits need to be purchased

 For more information, reach out to our sales team at:


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