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Mobile Connect Android app no longer working after SonicWall firmware update

dandan Newbie ✭

Hello, the Android Mobile Connect app appears to be broken after a firmware update on the Sonicwall appliance.

I turn on the connection in the app and it shows as connected, but I am unable to access anything from any other app, including browsers, Google Play etc. It is as if I am not connected to the internet at all, even though Mobile Connect says "Connected". Turning off MC restores regular internet access (but obviously without the VPN connection)

I have tried it on 2 Chromebooks and 1 Android phone, all with the same behavior. All 3 of those devices were previously working fine. All are running the most recent version, 5.0.15. I can connect on Windows via NetExtender just fine - it is apparently only the Android client that is affected.

I am seemingly not the only one with this issue - see recent reviews on Google Play Store:

Please advise. Thanks.

Category: VPN Client

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