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Tech Tip: Accessing the SafeMode Menu

Welcome to the latest in the series of weekly tech tips. In emergency situations, it can be necessary to access the SafeMode menu on your SMA appliance. To do so:

  • Hold in the Reset button - a small pinhole button located on the front of the SMA appliance for 12-14 seconds until the ‘Test’ light begins quickly flashing yellow.
  • Once booted into SafeMode - assign a workstation a temporary IP address of ‘ and attach it to the X0 interface on the SSL-VPN appliance.
  • Using a Web browser, access the special SafeMode GUI using the appliance’s default IP address of (Safe mode listens on HTTP only.) You will be able to boot the appliance using a previously saved backup snapshot, or you can upload a new version of the software with the Upload New Software image button.

Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances

Knowledge Management Senior Analyst at SonicWall.


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