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NetXtender Doesn't Give Up!

xdmfanboyxdmfanboy Newbie ✭

I've had this problem for years, with various versions of NetXtender, various firewalls with differing firmware versions, and Windows 7-10. If for some reason it can't connect it can often sit there forever and ever trying to connect. You cannot stop it by any method I'm aware of short of restarting the PC. I cannot be the only one having this problem.

Category: SSL VPN


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    Hello @xdmfanboy,

    I am totally aware of this pain.

    There are two more methods that might be useful.

    1. Exiting from the application from the system tray.
    2. Killing the SonicWall NetExtender Service itself from Services.

    If it meets some handshake error or certificate issues, it does prompt back, but both this as well as GVC are set to run once you boot up your machine. So, I agree that it does not give up.


    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

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    Hello XDMFANBOY:

    I have not seen this issue with WIndows 10 VMs running NetExtender v.8.6.266 . I did used to see that behavior on older versions.

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