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LAN outage with Global VPN Client + Intel i225-LMvP + Intel 2.1.2.x / 2.1.3.x Driver + Windows 11


Since April 2023, there is a reproducable big issue between the actual SonicWALL Global VPN Client and Intel i225-LMvP driver 2.1.2.x and 2.1.3.x.

For the last fourteen months, I battled with my notebook vendor with this issue as it was a cause of the driver updates. There was no resolution (new drivers caused LAN outage), LAN stops working, sometimes right after reboot, sometimes after 30 minutes, but it definitively stops. The icon bottom left remains the same, but you cannot access anythin via LAN, even your local Router.

Three weeks ago, I myself discovered that it has to do with SonicWALL Global VPN Client.

Particular with HP Thunderbolt Dock G4, any model/version Notebooks have this issue because the Dockingstation has the Intel i225-LMvP Chip.

Not affected is Realtek LAN nor Wi-Fi WLAN.

It has to be a combination of: [Windows 11] + [Intel i225-LMvP NIC] + [Intel 2.1.2.x / 2.1.3.x Driver] + [SonicWALL Global VPN Client] to reproduce this error.

When I downgrade the driver to the Windows 10 recommendet version 1.1.3.x / 1.1.4.x, everything works fine. But Microsoft makes (sometimes) an automatic update and the "newer" driver 2.1.3.x is again on the machine.


Plug the LAN cable out of the Dockingstation, work via WLAN (most if not all customers)

Registry-Patch for disabling driver downloads from Microsoft (means any driver-download is disabled)

This issue is not bound to a box, It is a client only issue (e.g. Notebook) and has nothing to do with the SonicWALL Box / Version / Firmware itself.

SonicWALL denies help without an active service for a service request.

Use this information for your own purpose, If anyone from SonicWALL reads this, tell me if there is an updated or even BETA version of GVC.

SSL-VPN with Netextender is not a viable option, simply due to licensing issues, additional work and a overall slow performance of Netextender in SMB environment.

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