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Best way to setup Site-to-Site VPN between SonicWall and Windows Server

I'm looking for tutorials, and guidance on:

  1. Can I use the Windows server's built in VPN to create consistent VPN to TZ600 firewall, or is Netextender required?
  2. (Cloud -based/remote) Windows Server, has an application that needs to have VPN to print to remote locations (main location & 2 branch locations). Main location already has site-to-site to branches. Can site-to-site (type: host) to server VPN from main location provide route to branch locations, so only one VPN to the server is needed? If so, can I do this by selecting the "any address" from the "Local Network" heading of the "Networks" tab for the VPN?
  3. To further complicate this, I have a isolated network from the Main location firewall, I don't want the server to have access to. I assume I'm just creating a deny rule for this isolated network and ensuring its above the allow cloudserver rule?

Main location sonicwall:

Branch A sonicwall A:

Branch B sonicwall :

Cloud server: external static IP

Category: Entry Level Firewalls
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